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F.F.F.B.I. 3 Stars
Help the Fin, Feather, and Fur Bureau of Investigation solve evil C.R.U.S.T.'s Big Plan to take over the planet Mars. An interactive detective story
Grade It
FunRanch.com 3 Stars
Have fun with animated versions of classic games like checkers, Fenced In, IQ, and others.
Grade It
Funschool 4 Stars
Links to various activities/games for 1st - 6th graders.
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Kids Domain 4 Stars
Find all kinds of things to do at Kids Domain -- games, puzzles, activities, sports information, programmers resources for kids, and more.
Grade It
LearningPlanet.com 4 Stars
Animated learning games and puzzles are divided into three difficulty levels: Preschool-K, Grades 1-3, and Grades 4-6. Try letter and number games, concentration, crossword puzzles, and many more.
Grade It
National Geographic Kids 4 Stars
Loaded with games, challenges, animal info. The search index gives the user even more choices than are pictured on the site.
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Netives.com Games 4 Stars
Got 5 minutes? Got 5 hours? Try some of these simple but addictive web-based games.
Grade It
Switch Zoo 4 Stars
Wild amimation constructs weird animals from the body parts you pick! Guessing games and nature facts, too.
Grade It
Up to Ten 3 Stars
This kids activity portal features a large variety of interactive games, in categories for ages 0-6 and 6-10, and animated coloring pages. The site can be used in English, French, or Spanish, with additional languages in some areas.
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