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50 States.com 4 Stars
Link to a huge number of facts about each U.S. state -- flags, state symbols, recordings of state songs, and much more, even lists of famous graveyards!
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America's Story from America's Library 3 Stars
America's history and culture come alive in this collection of multimedia features from the Library of Congress. Explore our heritage of music, dance, sports, games, and much more.
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Bens Guide to U.S. Government for Kids 3 Stars
Learn about our country -- explore famous documents; find out how the government works and how laws are made.
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Factmonster from Information Please 2 Stars
Offers information on a wide variety of subjects.Has a searchable database. Students can also find help with their homework using Homework Helper.
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Ghosts in the Castle 3 Stars
Welcome traveler to an exciting medieval castle tour. Learn about the people who lived and worked there, and explore the different areas within the castle walls.
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Jamestown: The Online Adventure 4 Stars
Would you have been a success as an early colonist in the New World? This Flash-based interactive game will test your skills.
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Maps.com (Online Map Games) 4 Stars
How well do you know your way around the world? Test your map knowledge with an assortment of online geography games from Alienz!!! for young geographers to the fiendishly difficult Super Quiz.
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National Geographic Kids 4 Stars
Loaded with games, challenges, animal info. The search index gives the user even more choices than are pictured on the site.
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North Carolina Historic Sites 3 Stars
North Carolina Historic Sites, a program of 22 state historic sites, invites you to see our state as it was—to open doors of the past. Whether you are a resident of North Carolina, or just planning a visit, we have sites of interest to people of all ages.
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Time for Kids.com 4 Stars
The kids' division of Time magazine online includes news, games, multimedia tours, online polls, and other information. Sections for teachers and parents, too.
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World Flag Database 3 Stars
Over 260 listings for countries and international organizations include basic facts and large color drawings of current and historical flags.
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