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Astronomy for Kids! 4 Stars
Learn about the planets. Explore the sky with maps for each month. Even try your hand at puzzles!
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Backyard Jungle 2 Stars
Join, set up your own observation area of discoveries, and share information about real (or imagined!) natural finds with other kids from around the world.
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Dino Directory 4 Stars
Find out about more than 160 of the most-studied dinosaurs, what they looked like, and where they lived from the Natural History Museum (London).
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Discovery Kids 3 Stars
The kids' section of Discovery.com includes lots of fun facts, games, and activities about science and nature. The site includes The Yuckiest Site on the Internet (roaches, worms, and more), space, dinosaurs, and much more.
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FEMA for Kids 3 Stars
Learn about floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, wild fires, and winter storms. Get homework help on these topics. And play games!
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Funology 3 Stars
Brainteasers, science experiments, recipes, magic, jokes and more are found on this site. Provides safe and educational ways for students to enjoy this site
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Geo-Mysteries 3 Stars
Learn about rocks, fossils, and minerals from Rex the Dino Detective from the Children's Museum of Indianapolis
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Human Anatomy 3 Stars
Information on parts of the body as well as coloring pages and label me sheets that can be printed out.
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Kids' Stuff from the NC Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources 3 Stars
Discover fun ways to learn about Recycling, Trees, Fishing, Wildlife, Parks and more.
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Kidscom 4 Stars
Children can learn about animals by playing 20 questions
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KidsHealth for Kids 3 Stars
Articles and interactive activities about staying healthy, both mentally andphysically
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Marshall Brain's HowStuffWorks 4 Stars
Search for hundreds of articles,diagrams, and animations which explain how everyday objects work.
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NASA Kids 4 Stars
Blast off with information about astronauts, rockets, and space, along with some fun games and science activities. How much would you weigh on Jupiter?
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National Zoo Animal Photo Library 2 Stars
Look at pictures of all kinds of mammals, birds, reptiles
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OwlCam 3 Stars
This window into the lives of a pair of Northern Barred Owls is created with owl friendly techniques, including a video camera hidden in their nest box. The site also has directions on building an owl nest box, owl rescue photos and information and more
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Ranger Rick's Kids Zone 3 Stars
The National Wildlife Federation and Ranger Rick show you how much fun animals can be.
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Space.com 4 Stars
All sorts of astronomical news and some great photos!
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The Space Place 3 Stars
Students are shown how to make models and create experiments like real scientist.
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Willo, The Dinosaur with a Heart 2 Stars
Learn news and fast facts about Willo's unique heart. Willo was a 66 million-year-old plant eating Thescelosaurus. Information provided by the Center for the Exploration of the Dinosaurian World.
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